Welcome to In the Distance, a one-page shrine dedicated the pairing Pharaoh Atem (Yami Yugi) & Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner). This shrine is part of the One Page, One Month 2015 ENCORE located at Amassment. I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I would get this shrine done. This pairing has a special place in my heart only because of the series itself and the characters. I wanted to create another shrine, but I knew I had to be very positive on wanting to make it. The title "In the Distance" refers to how Anzu has deep feelings for Atem, but because of who he is, the feelings are only seen in the distance or one sided. However, I do believe he cares about her too, especially during some episodes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the site.

Last updated on September 30, 2015.

Yu-Gi-Oh Series

Yu-Gi-Oh is an anime/manga series. I have only seen the anime series, and unfortunetly, my favorite is the dub version. I plan on reading the manga. Once I read the manga, I will update the manga section of this shrine.

The series is about a young boy named Yugi Moto. He receives a puzzle from his grandfather to put together. It takes him some times, but he soon figures the piece out. Once he puts the last piece in, he is awakens a 3000 (5000) year old spirit by the name of Yami Yugi. At first Yugi has no idea who this spirit is or if he is friendly. However, he does know that he someone of great power and is very good at the game of Duel Monsters.

The series focuses around this card game called Duel Monsters. Yugi and his friends participate in tournaments with high stakes, some that could even cause complete darkness. It is through this game that Yugi and his friends learn more about Yami and who the spirit really is. At the end of the series, they all learn that he was a 3000 (5000) year old pharaoh who went by the name of Atem.

Atem & Anzu

Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner) is known as the cheerleader of the group and even hated among the fans of the series. She is always there to support her friends and encourage them on even through the most difficult of times. She is an incredibly strong and determined person. She is willing to do anything possible to help her friends out. Her passion and goal is dancing. She hopes to become a famous dancer in America someday. Currently, though, she is just a high school student having fun with her friends.

Pharaoh Atem (Yami Yugi) is the mysterious one of the group. At the beginning there was no story regarding to who he was. He was known as the Spirit of the Millenium Puzzle for the longest time. After the first season, we learn that he has no memories regarding to his past except that he once resided in Egypt. That part is true. Yami Yugi was actually a pharaoh at one time. He lived over 3000 (5000) years ago. In order to save the world, he sealed evil within the Millenium Puzzle, but the process caused him to sacrifice his own soul too. The puzzle was broken apart and left unsolved for thousands of years, until destiny brought it to Yugi Moto. Whenever Yugi is in too far over his head (a dangerous situtation), Yami takes over. He is considered the dark side of Yugi.

The Couple - Anime Version

There were no canon couples in the series. However, certain episodes showed that there seem to be something between one pairing. Anzu was the first person to notice besides Yugi that there was someone else when Yugi dueled. She at first wasn't sure if he was friendly or not, but she did remember him saving her. I believe that is when she started to have feelings for him. Duelist Kingdom had some key moments, but they were never very strong. During Season 2, the big hint that Anzu liked Yami was when Yugi set them up on a date. She traveled with him to the museum and learned a bit about his past. After that, she became very concerned about him. Another big scene was during the Finals is in Season 3. When Joey was injured, she asked Yami to stop, that she was afraid someone else was going to get hurt. He reminded her that he couldn't stop, that he had to keep fighting. Yami showed a few times that he was concerned for her too. An example is during the Finals on the tower. After Anzu went after Marik on her own, Yami was greatly concerned. He was even concerned when Bakura and Marik were dueling and he wanted her to stay below. She stayed with him, knowing the risks that could follow.

There are plenty of scenes that showed the couple. At the end of Battle City, Anzu took Joey's sister around for a tour. However, after she seperated, she went to find someone. She went to meet up with Yami. He was there waiting for her. During that episode, you could see that she wasn't ready to say goodbye. She knew that time would come, but she wanted to enjoy the time she had with him.

After Yami lost the duel against Raphael, it was Anzu that tried supporting him and cheering him on. She wanted him to know that he wasn't alone in this battle, that everyone was going to help. That season was a key point on how she felt about him. However, during the season regarding his memories, some bigger key points started to surface. Anzu wanted him to find his memories. She was focus on finding his name. In the end, Anzu and her friends succeeded, and Yami was able to learn his true name: Atem. However, that meant something else, something big.

The last few episodes of the series are key points for Anzu and Atem's relationship. She wasn't ready for him to leave, and multiple times during these episodes you saw how it affect her. Anzu is torn about the idea of Atem passing on to the spirit world. She understands that he deserves to reunite with those in his past and finally achieve peace, she isn't ready for him to leave due to the feelings she has for him. This causes her to debate many times with herself causing her to cry as the outcome.

While dealing with this emotional turmoil, Anzu displays a happy facade to the rest of the group, especially around Yugi and Atem. During the beginning of the duel, she outwardly supports Yugi to win, but inwardly she wishes Atem to be victorious so that he won't leave her. However, Yugi proves to be victorius. This doesn't cause her feelings to change, though. Anzu is truly hurt to the possibility of him leaving forever, that just as Atem is about to pass through the gates of the afterlife, she tries to run after him. This attempt is stopped, though.

Their pairing wasn't shown to some extent. You never know if Atem actually had feelings for Anzu. He could have just cared for her liked he did to the rest of the group. However, in the distant, Anzu had great feelings for him. They were a pairing that was there for each other through thick and thin, dark and light.


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