Actions More Than Words


The Doma Saga & Capsule Monsters Now before the Memory World within the anime, two more seasons were added: The DOMA Saga and Duel Capsule Monsters.

The Doma Saga was probably the most difficult for the pharaoh, and it especially gave time for the connection between him and Anzu to strengthen. At the beginning of the series, the pharaoh leaves in the middle of class towards the museum. His friends noticed that he was missing and arrive at the museum before he enters. There really aren’t many scenes between Yami and Anzu unless you count that they were sitting beside each other on the couch and at the end of the duel, Anzu walks over to him and gives him the strange stone.

The scene that tried to have some humor but failed happen during the train to Florida. First off, the pharaoh lost his duel to Rafael. When he arrives back, Anzu yells at the boys that if Yugi lost why would he be still standing there when she notices it is the pharaoh. Even if she does have feelings for the pharaoh, she still cared about her childhood friend. On the train, Anzu is sitting with the pharaoh. She tries to cheer him up with comments about the beaches and other fun things. However, none of her small comments causes the pharaoh to cheer up.

When the pharaoh leaves the train car, Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu noticed that the train was completely empty and decided to try located the pharaoh. He is found and soon takes off running towards the front. The train begins to separate with him on one side and the rest on the opposite. Anzu calls out to him which he turns reaches out his hand telling her to jump. She jumps, grabbing his hand. He pulls her flush against him as he wraps his arm around her, keeping her safe. Honda and Jonouchi can only watch as their part of the train stops while Anzu and the pharaoh’s part continues to speed.

Yami and Anzu are together for quite a while. He continues to the front of the train with Anzu following. When outside, he makes the decision to go on top to try and get inside the engine room. Weevil Underwood is waiting on top to duel him. Anzu follows him to the top of the train. Here, Yami tries multiple times to get Anzu back inside where it is safe. When the Seal of Orichalcos is used, she is sent flying which scares the pharaoh. At the end of the duel, when the pharaoh continues to draw cards, Anzu runs to him and grabs him. She stares at him with tears in his eyes telling him to stop. The train derails with both falling with unknown results.

When the pharaoh awakes from his nightmare, he finds himself within a tent. His first concern is Anzu as she is lying beside him. He rubs her shoulder bringing relief when he sees her awake and sit up. He grows nervous again when a big dog jumps on her, but his nervous disappear when he notices the dog licking her. On their walk towards the location of the spirits, Anzu almost falls. However, Yami quickly grabs her wrist preventing anything from happening. After everything that happens within the ravine, Yami climbs back to the location of the tracks before helping Anzu up to the same location.

While there are small scenes between them, there are not that many important ones. Yami does raise his voice a little at Anzu when she keeps questioning him about Jonouchi. He does save Anzu and Rebecca and run to her to make sure both women are safe. However, that is about it. One other scene that is hard to see is when they escape Dartz building when it begins to crumble. Just as Yami held his hand out on the train, Anzu does the same with her hand when he jumps on the plane.

Once everyone is safe, Seto Kaiba’s new tournament takes place. There are not very many scenes, if any during this event. Most of the duels involve other plays trying to win to duel against Yugi. Now, during Capsule Monsters, there are a few scenes that happen between Yami and Anzu. He certainly rescues her a lot especially when a zombie hand reaches out and grabs her ankle. He quickly runs, grabbing her and rolling to his side when both crash against the ground. Anzu even runs to catch him when he falls to the ground. While it isn’t much, you can tell that both care about each other to some extent.

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