Actions More Than Words


The Final Duel Anzu is mostly seen torn with the idea of Atem passing on the afterlife. As she believes that, though he deserves to reunite with those in his past and finally achieve peace, she also doesn't want him to leave because of the feelings she has for him. Thus, she usually arguing with herself with the outcome ending with her crying. However, whilst dealing with this emotional turmoil, she displays a happy facade to the rest of the group, especially around her friends, including Atem.

Upon the ride to the location of the Ceremonial Duel, there is a single scene that shows the conflict that Anzu is battling with. Anzu is uncomfortable with the idea of Atem leaving. In the anime, she argues with Yuugi regarding the duel. While in the manga, she tries talking to Yuugi about it, but she doesn’t succeed and quickly changes the subject. Leaving the room in both the manga and anime, Anzu leans against the wall and cries knowing that she couldn’t do anything. That could go different directions, but the most common one is that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or at least let the pharaoh know how she feels about him, and Yuugi knew it, too.

When they descend down the stairs in the anime, again Anzu tries to stop them. Yuugi explains that this is how it needs to go. He even comments that they knew how she felt about the pharaoh. She continues with a fake smile as they descend.

During the beginning of the duel she outwardly supports Yuugi to win but inwardly wishes Atem to be victorious so that he wouldn’t have to leave. This is even stated in the manga where she wants him to win, hoping that he would be able to stay by her side forever, as she did not want to be separated from him.

Yuugi wins the duel, though. As everything is finishing and Atem is preparing to leave, Anzu’s feelings for Atem had not weakened. She cries out towards him and tries to understand why he has to leave. In the manga, Anzu reminds him that if he go through, he would never be able to return which is something she didn’t understand. Why did he have to leave? Jonouchi told her that she did not need to understand it. She just needed to accept it and move on. Anzu wept as he left and vowed to never forget anything about him. In the anime, just as the door is closing on them, Anzu tries to run after the pharaoh. However, Jonouchi grabs her shoulder forcing her to stop.