Actions More Than Words


Battle City Finals & Project R.A. In the anime, a short series is placed in between with Anzu, Yami, and the rest battling against Noah and the Big 5. There aren’t very many scenes between them except during the duel between Yami and Noah. At first, Yami doesn’t pay attention but when Noah mentions his last remaining friend, he quickly turns to Anzu for she is the last remaining person not to be turned into stone. She tries arguing back with Noah, but Yami voices her name deeply stopping the argument. When she is turned to stone, he calls out her name with a strong emphasis. There are no more scenes after that until they arrive at the Battle City Tower where another huge scene happens.

Jonouchi makes the decision to battle Dark Marik to save Mai. The duel between Jonouchi and Dark Marik is intense. However, towards the end when Jonouchi tries to make a move, he ends up losing and falls to the ground, unconscious. While everyone stays by Jonouchi side in the medical room, Yami steps out frustrated about how dangerous Dark Marik is. He is finally able to clarify his mind after seeing the future using the Millennium Necklace and step back into the room. He gives Jonouchi his Duel Disk back and tells everyone to watch over him while he heads to his duel against Kaiba.

Anzu runs out of the room, yelling at Yami that she would rather he didn't Duel, as she is afraid of what might happen to him. In the manga, she argues with him She asked if it is worth continuing to fight, and if there was anything in his heart other than finding his lost memories. He argues back with her regarding his destiny and what both him and Anzu learned at the Domino Museum. He is finally able to convince her to wait for him even as her mind continued to worry about him. There are not too many scenes during Yami and Dark Marik’s duel. Yami is successful at winning the duel and learns about the requirements needed to find his lost memories.

After Yami wins his duel against Kaiba, Jonouchi, who woke up during it, challenges Kaiba to a third-place duel. While the duel takes place, Anzu’s mind is taken over by Marik. She doesn’t remember anything that happens during the time Marik’s is in control. However, while this is happening, Yami notices the problem and takes chase. Yami comes the top of the Duel Tower to find out what happened to Anzu. He has a heated conversation with Dark Marik before he eventually leaves. Yami then talks to Ishizu about what was going on learning that the good side of Marik resides in Anzu’s mind. She eventually leaves when Anzu begins to wake up, not knowing what happened. Yami is there by her side, but doesn’t say anything about it.

Now, there is pretty important scene that follows Battle City. While the manga doesn’t show this, the anime allows Yami and Anzu to go on a second date even furthering their relationship. Even during Battle City, there were times that Anzu was afraid of the pharaoh dueling, scared that something worse might happen to him. She starts to think about how she needed to enjoy the time that she haves with the pharaoh for there might not be much time left. This realization comes towards the end of Battle City after the pharaoh acquires the three Egyptian God cards that are needed to complete his destiny.

The relationship between Yami and Anzu becomes quite noticeable during Project R.A., a side canon to the actual series that is only released in manga form. In this story, Anzu is captured forcing Yuugi to duel different people before he can rescue her. During one duel, the pharaoh saw what was exactly happening with the young woman. It devastates him, but luckily, his opponent explained to the pharaoh that Anzu’s soul was sealed within the card the pharaoh was holding. This scene represents how strong their relationship is. The pharaoh vows that he would save her, and even though, they are standing in front of each other, there is a distance that still separates them that bothers both greatly.

The last scene of Project R.A. is once again another recognition to the pairing: when the duel is over and Jonouchi and Honda are helping Anzu to the place of the duel, she sees the pharaoh on the opposite end and tries running to him. He sees her almost trip and tries to catch her. It is not Yuugi who is there for Anzu but the pharaoh instead.

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