Actions More Than Words


Duelist Kingdom & Battle City When Duelist Kingdom took place, Anzu tried supporting both the pharaoh and Yuugi on each duel they had to complete in. There were moments when Anzu noticed different changes with the spirit/pharaoh. When the duel with Seto Kaiba took place where Kaiba came close to killing himself, Anzu saw how different both duelists were: Yuugi was caring while the spirit was willing to do anything. Eventually, both were able to overcome their differencess, win Duelist Kingdom, and save Yuugi’s grandfather.

Battle city is probably the biggest indication to the relationship. At the beginning before the tournament even started, Yuugi almost lost the puzzle in a fire. After surviving the fire, Yuugi noticed the spirit wasn’t really being himself, so he arranged for Anzu to take the spirit out on a date. It was here that the blooming relationship between the two became apparent.

Anzu first tries taking him to a local café to find out any more about him. She even brings up the Egyptian Exhibit explain that there was a symbol similar to what was on the Millennium Puzzle. She also talks about her fears and goals which helps him talk about everything that confuses and scares him. He watches as she dances during an arcade dancing game, smiling when she beat her component. Their journey finally takes them to the museum. Inside, the spirit learns that he was actually a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt, and that he would need to acquire the three Egyptian God Cards to learn his true name and contain his missing memories. Anzu makes the decision to help him in any way possible. When they both arrive at the location the tournament was to be announced, Anzu and Yami run into Mai Kajaku who teases them on thinking that both are on a date. While Anzu might deny it, her face shows a different reaction.

Another scene, even though it could go either way, was after Yami defeated Strings and obtains Slifer the Sky Dragon card, Marik had hinted that he was targeting his friends: Jonouchi and Anzu. This angered the spirit forcing him to ignore Seto Kaiba and race into the city to find them. When both him and Seto arrive at the docks, the spirit is forced into a duel against his best friend. He is even shocked to see Anzu trapped by Marik. While the manga put Anzu’s life in danger a different way, the anime showed that the spirit was concerned for especially when Marik released her from his mind control.

Battle City Finals had quite a few different scenes interacting between Anzu and the pharaoh. The first major scene happened during Marik Ishtar and Mai Kajaku’s duel. It wasn’t till towards the end when Mai was trapped and Jonouchi was trying to save her. Marik used the power of the Wing Dragon of Ra and aimed it at both of them. Yami rushes in and takes the hit from Ra instead. However, he does end up collapsing upon the ground from the attack. Everyone screamed for him, but in the manga, it was Anzu who held onto him until he regained consciousness and warned him to never do something like that again.

As the group is flying towards the next location of the finals, another scene happens that doesn’t appear within the manga. When Bakura/Marik are dueling Dark Marik, Anzu and Yuugi try to find them and finally take a look at the dueling arena. Here, Yami takes over when he notices that it is a Shadow Game. He tries to get Anzu to head back downstairs since he knows the dangers of the Shadow Games. However, Anzu argues with him that she is staying by his side, no matter the danger.

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