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Galleria I offer this disclaimer regarding the gallery. All images were screencapped by me using Windows. All images were retrieved from the series which you can watch on Hulu. I did not screepcap Season 0. Please do not steal and post them as your own. I have worked hard on getting every image that featured Anzu and Atem. There are images of just Anzu or even Atem. Emotions were key especially during the Final Duel. There were also scenes that Atem would call out towards Anzu either by being worried or trying to keep her quiet. The same goes with the manga. Each image is screencap and edited by me. I decided to remove the text and just leave the images. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Again, there are scenes with just Atem or even just Anzu. Their emotions speaker louder especially with what scene they follow. I hope you enjoy.

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Yu-Gi_Oh! the Manga including Project R.A

Fanfiction There are many types of written work featuring the pairing. I have actually dove into writing about them, especially when a certain scene doesn't go as plan. While the list is just my opinion on some of the top fanfics to read, there are plenty available. Checkout to find plenty more. Even my profile, Musical Medli has a list of favorite stories and of course, my very own that I have been writing.

The Sound of Fire by ConnectedtotheEarth, Rated T: The night before Yuugi is fated to duel Maximillion Pegasus for his grandfather's soul, his childhood friend feels the need to recount the journey by taking a walk into the forest, away from the castle. What will she do when she discovers that her crush is preparing for the duel in the same way, at the same time?

Stay with Me by mysticminou, Rated T: After her duel with Krump,Anzu collapses from the cold and is saved by Yami.How can he get her to wake up?And stay awake?

Puzzle by tw1n.charm, Rated T: His identity is a mystery, his words riddles in a game, his voice her only clue. She had been in the darkness when she met him. It might be in the darkness where she would know him.

No Buts by mysticminou, Rated T: The scene on Kaiba's blimp between Yami and Anzu during Battle City re-written.

Darkness by Germantownmaiden, Warning - Rated M for Mature Content: We see the darkness as the source of all evil, it's root. But what we don't see is that the darkness is endless and intimate like a lover. Darkness is the keeper of all secrets and will keep you safe from the light when you don't wish to be seen. Darkness is not just evil.

Celestial Wishes by wintrMoon, Rated T: Two years have passed since the pharaoh crossed into the afterlife. Time moves on in its normal custom, but she can't allow herself to move on or forget him.

A Taste of Apple by Atemusluckygal, Rated M for Mature Content: Téa, now a second year student at the Julliard school, is becoming the dancer she always wanted to be. Meanwhile, Atem is given a second chance to live a normal life, and his work coincidentally takes him to New York City. Two old friends pave a new path, share a new destiny.

Pieces of a Puzzle: Desert Secrets by Musical Medli, Rated M for Mature Content: Before riding the train, Tea notices during the night the pharaoh is no longer around. Finding him alone, she tries to cheer him up with the only idea she could think of.

Fanwork Drawings dedicated to them is quite hard to come by, to be honest. However, there are a few good images that show so much emotion for them. I will not post images here for some are rated for Mature, but if you look upon Deviantart you can find quite a few. I will list the artists that I have found that have done an amazing job drawing Atem and Anzu.