Actions More Than Words


Memory World The Memory World didn’t have much interaction between the pharaoh and Anzu except maybe at the beginning and towards the end. In the manga, Anzu voices her opinion about her being afraid the pharaoh would forget the memories he had created with them. Yuugi changes place with the pharaoh allowing him to talk with her and reassure her that everything would be okay, that he would never forget about his friends or even her.

There really isn’t many scenes between Atem and Tea except at a few places where she begins to worry about him. Her emotions are strong, and you can tell right away how much she cares for him. When they finally arrive by the pharaoh’s side, she is happy to see him and determine to help in anyway. This comes from when the group has to leave his side to find his name.

When Anzu returns back to the pharaoh’s side, her and the gang have the pharaoh’s name. First, the group tries to fight back Zorc. That doesn’t go as plan, and Anzu is hurt causing the pharaoh to call out her name. He doesn’t do it to anyone else, even Yuugi when his Dark Magician gets destroyed. Atem only calls out Anzu’s name.

Anzu is reminded of the cartouche as it falls out of the tunic. She yells for everyone to concentrate leaning her hand in front of him and allowing everyone else to follow. The process allows the cartouche to receive his true name: Atem. When the battle is over, Atem comments on how none of this would have not been possible if he didn’t have his friends and the cartouche. While saying this, he is looking at Anzu, thanking her for the gift.

When everyone leaves the Memory World, Yuugi tells him that the pharaoh is finally back. The next scene that involves Anzu and Atem is when Ishizu explains what Atem is needing to do. Her feelings are shown once more when he talks to her about completing his destiny.

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