Actions More Than Words


Pharaoh Atem(Yami Yuugi) and Anzu Mazaki: their relationship was seen as semi-canon or non-existant. Their relationship was considered to be doomed from the beginning or at least forbidden. However, that didnt stop either of them. Atem begins to care more about Anzu and her safety. He also confides his thoughts and feelings regarding his future to her more than he does with Yuugi. Even towards the end when his destiny has been revealed, Anzu is not wanting the pharaoh to leave, knowing how much it will hurt. Their love is a forbidden one for his time on Earth with her was short and it also didnt help that he was a spirit.

There are many scenes within both the anime and manga that show the couples relationship. While some scenes are not as strong, each one was a stepping stone leading to what Anzu felt about Atem, and also how Atem started to depend on her as someome to confide in. Each scene below is listed as a story. Most will be focused on the manga while the parts that the manga did not have will refer to the anime.

Yu-Gi-Oh! or Season 0 At the beginning when Yuugi Motou solved the Millennium Puzzle, there was a change. Nobody exactly understood what was happening. The spirit of the Millennium Puzzle would appear when Yuugi was in trouble, solve the problem, and then disappear once again. It wasn’t till later when Anzu Mazaki started to notice something.

Anzu was working at Burger World when both Jonouchi and Yuugi came to visit her. That visit was the first time she started to notice something was different with her childhood friend. A convict had escaped and captured Anzu, blindfolding her and yelling at Yuugi to bring him booze and cigarettes. She could only hear what was happening in the restaurant. She heard as Yuugi took a seat across from the convict, but what she heard was not Yuugi’s voice. It was his alter ego. He happened to play one of his dark shadow games, winning in the process and saving her. It was there that she was wanting to figure out who this alter ego was.

Once more, Anzu got into trouble. A crazy psychic tried to seduce Anzu, by reading her fortune. He stated that she would finally meet the man of her dreams, the one that she believed she was in love with. Anzu had hoped that this would be the man who saved her at Burger World. However, this psychic tried to make himself the man by knocking her out with a bottle of chloroform. Once more, Yuugi’s alter ego now known as Yami learned what was happening and rushed to Anzu's rescue. Using the bottle, Yami defeated him in another one of his Shadow Games and carried her out to somplace safe.

When Shadi made his appearance before Yami, he already had Anzu captured, placing her on the ledge of an Egyptian board hanging several feet from the ground. Of course, this angered Yami, and he agreed to play the game. Yami passed a series of tests Shadi threw at him, although three shabti (egyptian statues) broke in the process. Luckily, before the fourth rope broke completely, Jonouchi appeared under the bridge and held it up. Because of what Yami and Jonouchi did, Shadi was surprised by how they helped and supported each other, causing his shabti to break and return Anzu to normal. As Anzu tried to crawl back to safety, the board started to drop. Yami quickly grabbed her hand, pulling her to him and safety. When everyone was safely back on the building, Anzu was starting to notice that Yuugi had been acting different, but Yami was quick to relinquish control to Yuugi when they approached him about this.

Death T was created by Seto Kaiba as a way to get back at Yuugi for defeating him in a Duel Monsters game. Each game, though, was difficult and dangerous, risking their lives constantly. However, one stage caused them to think they had lost a close friend: Honda. Upset over what happened to Honda, Yuugi admitted to Anzu and Jonouchi that he thought there was another person inside him. Ever since he solved the Millennium Puzzle, there had been times when he would black out, and someone else took over. He had been afraid to tell his friends, as he feared they might leave him if they knew. However, Anzu and Jonouchi promised that they would always be friends with Yuugi.

Anzu knowingly saw Yami for the first time, as he prepared to face Mokuba. Jonouchi and Anzu were held there at gunpoint, during this stage. After Yami won, they were taken to the Dome Duel Arena to watch him face Kaiba. During the Duel, Yami was afraid of losing especially when the game was turning against him, but then he remembered the symbol of friendship that Anzu had drawn upon their hands. He imagined his friends being with him and overcame his fear. As Anzu celebrated Yami’s win, she wondered which Yuugi she should be thinking actually won but decided it did not matter, and that Yuugi is no longer the scared little boy he once was.

While these events in the manga don’t really point out much of the relationship, things started changing. Anzu kept wondering who was saving her, and when she found out, she wanted to see him more. It was here also in the manga that a huge difference was seen here from the anime. In the anime, nobody knows who the spirit is till Battle City. Instead, the manga lets everyone know who he is earlier during the first season or Season 0.

Anzu first tried to bring Yami out was with the Lovely Two. It was a small key charm that would beep if two people were compatible. She gave one to Yuugi and found that it wouldn’t beep for him. However, when it was taken away during school, and a game was created to find it, Anzu allowed Yami to use hers. This time the Lovely Two did produce a beeping sound. If the relationship wasn’t supposed to exist, why did the Lovely Two beep for Yami and not Yuugi?

Anzu tried another time to see if she could get Yami out. Each small event didn’t work till she decided to get separated from Yuugi and hid on the Ferris Wheel, not knowing that a bomber had planted bombs on each car of it. Yami emerged and aided the police by playing a game of clock solitaire which determined which car exploded. Yami save the people before the bombs went off by completing the game. In the end, when Anzu got off the ride, she took Yami’s arm and suggested that they get back to their date succeeding in her task to get him to appear.

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