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Yu-Gi-Oh! the series

The Beginning Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yuugiou) is an anime and manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi. The manga was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from September 1996 to March 2004, with 343 chapters collected in 38 volumes. There were two anime adaptions that followed: the first series aired in 1998 with 27 episodes with just being referred to Yu-Gi-Oh or Season 0. Second series was known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters whiched aired between 2000-2004 with a total of 224 episodes. The Yu-Gi-Oh series has also had animated movies, multiple spinoff series, video games, and the real life adaptation of the Duel Monsters game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game created.

What is the series about? Before we can dive into about the pairing featured here, we need to take a step back to the beginning. Without the main characters of the series or even an idea about the series, the relationship wouldn’t even exist. Now, I usually try to stick with the anime since that was something I grew up on, and it will be mentioned here quite a bit; however, I got a chance to read the manga, so some of my information will refer back to it.

Anyways, let’s dive in. Yu-Gi-Oh! all started when a young boy around sixteen years of age finally finished solving a puzzle that his grandfather found during one of his expeditions in Egypt. For eight straight hours, Yuugi Motou tried putting every piece together. Finally, he succeed and was granted an alter ego. This person was someone of the dark, who had no memories of why he was within the puzzle and possessed powerful Shadow Game magic.

Now at first, no one really separated the alter ego from Yuugi. His friends which include Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner), Jonouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler), Honda Hiroto (Tristan Taylor) just thought it was a more confident form of Yuugi that appeared whenever he was in trouble. However, small events were causing Anzu to notice that maybe there was someone else. When Yami Yuugi finally made his appearance to Yuugi’s friends, it became obvious to them all that there were two different people. Throughout the series, Yuugi, Jonouchi, Honda, and even Anzu try to help the spirit find out who he is. There are many trials that the pharaoh, once known as the spirit, Yuugi, and their other friends go through such as Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Once each event is completed, the pharaoh learns that the three Egyptian God Cards were needed for him to reclaim his memories. After the Memory World, the pharaoh’s true name is revealed: Atem.

The series concludes with Yuugi having to duel Atem in something called the Ceremonial Duel. While Anzu and all their friends wished that the outcome could be different, Yuugi ends up winning at the end of the duel. With his destiny complete, Atem walked through the door and receive eternal peace in the After Life. Yuugi and everyone else mourned him but move on with their lives. Yuugi remained at the Game shop to design his own games and Anzu went to America to follow her dreams to become a dancer. At the conclusion of everything, Yuugi was able to gain the courage and strength to overcome darkness with the help of his friends.

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Who are Pharaoh Atem and Anzu Mazaki

Who are Pharaoh Atem and Anzu Mazaki

Pharaoh AtemAlso known as Yami Yuugi in the beginning is an Egyptian Pharaoh from 3000 years ago by the true name of Atem. He defeated Zorc Necrophades, causing himself to be sealed within the Millennium Puzzle by erasing his memories including his name. When Yuugi Muto’s grandfather travelled to Egypt, he returned back with the golden box that contained the Millennium Puzzle. Yuugi solved the Millennium Puzzle, causing Atem to reside in his body as Yami Yuugi.

At the beginning, Yami Yuugi would take control of the body to protect Yuugi and his friends through the use of the Shadow Games, with Yuugi unaware of his existence. There were some major encounters within both the manga and anime that allowed Yuugi and his friends to eventually learn of his existence. He is very protective of his friends including Yuugi and Anzu. He would go the distance to protect or even save them from danger. He is a courageous man that is willing to do anything possible.

Together with Yuugi and his friends always cheering him on, Atem won the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City tournaments by defeating Maximillian J. Pegasus and Dark Marik, respectively. He also learned that he was a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt, whose name had been lost in history.

With the achievement of the God cards, he managed to separate from Yuugi's body where he replayed his life as a pharaoh through the Shadow RPG against Dark Bakura. With the help of his friends, Atem relearned his name, and was able to summon Horakhty to defeat Zorc Necrophades once again. His final step to complete his destiny was to face Yuugi in the Ceremonial duel and lose. Atem succeeds in losing and returns to the afterlife to rest in peace.

Anzu Mazaki Also known as Tea Gardner in the dub version of the anime is one of Yuugi Muto's best friends. She met Yuugi when they were both in elementary school and became best friends. She was the one that stood up for Yuugi whenever he was in trouble allowing her to meet Jonouchi and Honda. Anzu doesn’t usually play any of the games Yuugi and their friends play, but at the beginning, it does show she has the knowledge in beating Jonouchi in Duel Monsters and can be competitive when against others. Anzu dreams of becoming a professional dancer and travelling abroad to achieve that dream.

Anzu is usually referred to as the cheerleader of the group, always cheering her friends on especially when they are dueling or competing in something. At first, in the beginning, she had no idea about the alter-ego that belonged to Yuugi. However, when she was saved a few times within the manga, her curiosity was fueled by a passion on finding out who her savior was. After learning about the spirit or Atem that resided in the Millennium Puzzle, Anzu develops a strong crush to the point that she doesn’t want to lose him to any of the dark games or at the end of the series.

At the end of the series, there is no indication on what happens to Anzu Mazaki. However, at the very ending of the movie, Dark Side of the Dimension, Anzu leaves for America to continue on achieving her dream of becoming a professional dancer.