opinions and thoughts

what is said about the pairing

disclaimer First off, I wanted to state that the information listed here is mostly opinions and thoughts regarding the pairing. There is actually no proof that the relationship existed. Yes, you can see Anzu’s feelings for Atem, but did he feel the same way for her? It is hard to say.

Let’s continue on with that thought. This is my opinion regarding them as a couple. In the manga, there are plenty of evidence that show how much Anzu and Atem care about each other. He even refers to her as his “precious Anzu.” In the anime, they go on two dates. Not one, but two. On the second date, it isn’t Yuugi that is waiting for her. It is Atem. How did this happen? Did she ask to meet with him one more time or did Atem set this up all on his own? Multiple times throughout the anime, Anzu would try fighting back with words against an enemy that Atem is dueling. He would call out her name with a bit of a bite, trying to get her to stop what she was doing. Even during the manga called Project R.A., there are many times that the pairing can be seen. It is Atem that is worried about her. It is Atem that is affected that he sees her in this situation. Even at the ending, it isn’t Yuugi that runs to her. It is Atem.

While there isn’t any hard proof that their relationship is canon throughout the series, the scenes that show them together are quite clear on how Anzu and Atem feel about each other. The anime of the Doma Saga and the Capsule Monsters are even clues to how each other feel. She tries to cheer him up on the train. He protects her when trouble is coming her way. I don’t know about anyone else, but these are indications of someone liking another. Anzu is one of Atem’s closest friends. She developed feelings for him after he saved her. When Atem was unsure of learning about his past or not, it was Anzu who gave her council and told him to follow his own heart. After he learned that he was the spirit of an Egyptian pharaoh, Atem trusted her not to tell Yuugi about it until he felt Yuugi could understand. Why would he trust her so much if he didn’t have feelings in return?

Now, comes the kicker. Yes, while their relationship is not canon or even able to be proven, there has been different conversations regarding everything Atem does for Anzu. The common topic comes that while he does cares deeply for Anzu, it is unclear if Atem returns her romantic feelings. He could be protecting and saving Anzu because of how Yuugi feels about Anzu. It could be done for just the sake of Anzu being Yuugi’s friend.

However, that is hard to be proven true, also. There were times where Atem could have allowed Yuugi to continue, but he stayed, and it was always near Anzu’s side. If anything from rewatching the series and reading the manga, I have started to see a connection Anzu and Atem might have. While many might see it as a strong friendship, I believe it to be more. We can see it with Anzu especially at the end. Could it be possible the feelings the pharaoh had for the girl couldn’t really be shown because of who he was? Could it be possible he was trying to protect her from the pain he would create by leaving? These are all questions that make the relationship easy to believe.